How to Destroy Your Website for $5

$5 gigs: how saving a few bucks today, could end up costing you a lot more than you think.

How to Destroy Your Website for $5

How awesome is it to live in an age when you can pay $5 to get most of your work done? Do you want SEO & organic promotion? You got it! Do you want PPC campaign management? Done! Do you want a virtual CFO? Well.. This one might cost you $10! As someone who is…

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3 Summer Actions to Get Ready for Q4

As we step into summer, we realize 2018 is flying by! This means it’s almost time to start planning your marketing strategies for the fourth quarter.  Here at Act Bold, we’re here to help and have come up with some three tips to keep in mind for your successful campaigns. Effective Landing Pages Your company’s…

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