3 Summer Actions to Get Ready for Q4

3 Summer Actions to Get Ready for Q4

As we step into summer, we realize 2018 is flying by! This means it’s almost time to start planning your marketing strategies for the fourth quarter.  Here at Act Bold, we’re here to help and have come up with some three tips to keep in mind for your successful campaigns.

Effective Landing Pages

Your company’s website is something you want to be proud of. For an ecommerce business, it is your lifeblood. This means, to make the most of your customers in preparation for Q4, we recommend a summer website refresher.  Are all your links working and connecting to the right pages? How is the customer checkout experience and does it connect with your POS in an efficient manner? We would like to emphasize the importance of not creating as many landing pages as possible, but making the most of your existing landing pages first. Before expanding your site, make sure your domain authority is generating 40+ backlinks and your PPC and SEO marketing is driving customers to the correct pages. And don’t be afraid to test. A/B testing landing pages is probably the single most important thing you can do to increase conversions. Set up Adwords Experiments to run half of your PPC traffic to one page, and the other half to the test page. You may be surprised at the results.

Social Influencers vs SEO

It has never been more popular to use social influencers to encourage customer decisions and spending. Although there are thousands of these influencers across the web, choosing the wrong influencer or too many may hurt your business. To make the most of your budget this summer we recommend looking to keep only influencers leading to the best sales and focus your left-over budget into SEO. This way your business can focus on its visibility and drive your customers to your landing pages through a wider audience. If you don’t have the budget upfront, offer influencers a percentage of affiliate sales.

The Customer Journey

For years, large brands have been tracking customers every move and purchases to understand buying patterns and targeted inventory. How have your customers changed over time and how have their buying patterns evolved? To prepare for the holiday season, use key events like summer holidays or activities to influence your SEO and PPC campaigns. This will help you gain support from existing customers and bring in a new audience to finish Q4 strong.

It’s never too early to start preparing for Q4. These three tips & strategies should help you get the ball rolling so you can make the most of the upcoming holiday season.


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