The Pearl Source

The Pearl Source is a local, Los Angeles based company that sells a variety of pearl jewelry online. Their product catalog consist of pearl earrings, pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, and pearl pendants. With the need of an SEO and PPC plan that would complement each other and help The Pearl Source hit their mark, they reached out to Act Bold.

Case Study

By the end of our campaign we were able to successfully decrease the CPA from $510 to $160, increase average order value by over 15%, and increase monthly revenue by over 50%. Locally, The Pearl Source has become the go to spot for all things jewelry related.

The Pearl Source Goals

Pay-Per Click

The Pearl Source was spending a lot monthly on PPC efforts and needed to lower the CPA and increase total Revenue.


There was strong need for keyword organization and management to compliment our PPC efforts, bringing SEO to the forefront of the clients needs.

Brand Recognition

In a highly competitive saturated market, The Pearl Source was having a hard time competing against and setting itself apart from the big brands.

Act Bold Goals

PPC Management

During the keyword research phase we targeted keywords with the highest volume, highest and lowest competition, most profitable, and lowest Cost per Click. By doing this we were able to achieve impactful results starting in month 1.


After analyzing the PPC efforts, we applied that data, reached out to relevant fashion bloggers to write honest reviews, and optimized The Pearl Source’s microdata, such as availability, price, product attributes, and customer reviews to help drive traffic. This lead to a dramatic increase in click through rate and organic rankings.

Brand Recognition

By applying and successfully executing these strategies, we helped The Pearl Source increase its organic revenue by 80% and gain more of a presence locally.

What We Achieved


Increase in Organic Revenue


Paid Search Monthly Revenue


Increase in Average Order Value

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