Lenovo is a market leader in manufacturing and selling PC computers, laptops, tablets, and desktops. They had a highly specialized digital project and were looking to design a campaign around a new tablet launch in Brazil. With the need for a company who had creative vision and could offer artistic solutions, Lenovo turned to Act Bold.

Case Study

We faced a lot of challenges with this project from dealing with an international company, a foreign language, and boosting organic rankings in a short period of time to promote new tablet launch. But in the end, Lenovo achieved massive publicity and sales for their new tablet launch.


Lenovo Goals

Increase Online Sales

Being that the new tablet was being released in Brazil, the main focus of the campaign needed to be toward increasing site rankings locally and boosting online sales.

Spreading The Word

With the new product launch, Lenovo needed to create buzz and chatter to help gain attention in a new location and drive online sales.

Brand Recognition

Lenovo is a well known industry leader but needed help establishing itself in the Brazilian market.

Act Bold Goals


We designed and developed product specific landing pages for Lenovo’s new tablet launch and drove traffic to the website via Search Engine Optimization.


We designed a set of landing pages influenced by a famous artist in Brazil. This created a lot of buzz and gave the target demographic a way to relate to the product. We also decided to hire technical content writers that spoke Portuguese so we were able to localize the SEO campaign to the country of Brazil.

Brand Recognition

Our landing pages were eccentric and consumer driven, which lead to an amazing response and helped sell thousands of the new Lenovo tablets.

What We Achieved

International rankings boost

Tablet Sales Skyrocketed

Content Localization

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