SwagBucks enables users to earn a virtual currency by performing a variety of online activities. It is one if the biggest companies globally and is Alexa ranked within the top 150. They had their brand name established in the market and ranked the highest amongst related name searches. With the need to branch out into uncharted territory, SwagBucks turned to Act Bold.

Case Study

By Increasing traffic and decreasing the bounce rate Google was allowed to crawl and index more pages on Swagbuck’s site, which resulted in the increased rankings of non-branded keyword phrases and increased conversions.


Swagbucks Goals


SwagBucks was largely focused on increasing their organic non-branded conversions and rankings.

Search Engine Optimization

SwagBucks needed engaging and compelling content on their blog as well as new copy pages that promoted their service.

Brand Recognition

SwagBucks had established their brand and were ranking for everything “Swagbucks” related, but needed to capture the non-branded market.

Act Bold Goals

Organic Non-Branded Conversions

By creating content specific landing pages about earning rewards, conducting surveys for points, and many more, we helped create site depth which is an extremely important strategy to keep “time on site” high.

Content Strategy

After analyzing their site, we decided that we needed to focus on creating high quality content and constantly add new additional service related pages to their site, keeping them relevant. We created weekly content schedules with informational and unique blogs, Facebook posts, twitter tweets, etc. The majority of these posts were aimed at the stay at home moms who wanted to earn rewards online by completing surveys.

Brand Recognition

As conversions were piling up, non-branded keywords started to rank at a rapid pace, drawing in the desired attention.

What We Achieved


Organic Non-Branded Conversions per month


New Keyword Rankings in just 12 months

Ranked #1

In Google for "earn rewards" and "earn rewards online"

Ready to act Bold?

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