Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer is a massive brand and household name. They were looking to launch a new line of bedding and soft goods products. With the need of name for the product line, a logo, and a new e-commerce website, Arm & Hammer turned to Act Bold.

Case Study

All parties are very happy with the direction of the branding, eCommerce and digital marketing. We anticipate a successful launch and greatly look forward to assisting in growing the awareness of the brand post launch.

Arm & Hammer Goals


Being that Arm & Hammer was launching a new product line, they needed a strong brand strategy and a lot of graphic work.

Digital Marketing

One of the many focal points of a successful new product launch is a strong marketing campaign. Arm & Hammer needed all digital marketing services for the new line, soup to nuts.

Brand Recognition

Whenever any company releases a new product line, there is always the initial issue of brand recognition. This new release was not exempt from this common problem.

Act Bold Goals


We did ample research on their industry and target demographic to create a brand that would both relate to and attract their market. In terms of the name we decided on Pure and Healthy by Arm and Hammer and designed a strong logo to tie the branding together seamlessly.

All The Digital Bells & Whistles

With a new product line comes a ton of related grunt work. Our eCommerce team which includes our SEO, PPC, Social, and web design and development team took on this project from the ground up.

Brand Recognition

The line hasn't launched just yet but we created a turn-key solution for the new product and we are looking forward to a successful launch to round out the campaign.

What We Achieved

New Naming and Branding Logo Design

Fully functional eCommerce website

Fully Integrated ERP system

Ready to act Bold?

Creativity and success that matters