Bed Bug

Bed Bug is a company that sells home, travel, and dorm room protection against the pesky critters, called Bed Bugs. With their site in need of a fresh new look and new platform, they enlisted Act Bold to take the reigns.

Case Study

In the end, the designs we created were a breath of fresh air. The clean designs and responsiveness of the new site helped drive conversions.

Bed Bug Goals


Bed Bug’s previous design had the “look and feel” of an eCommerce company that sold insecticide and chemicals. This did not sit well with their “customer profiles” and “target demographic”.


The client lacked direction, which led to a poor marketing plan supported by a site not geared toward it’s ideal target market.

Brand Recognition

With the redesign, Bed Bugs aimed to give their brand a facelift and appeal to a wider audience.

Act Bold Goals

Web Design

We approached the redesign by sitting down for a creativity session and design roundtable to hatch out the best strategy. We aimed to create a softer appearance that targeted parents looking to protect their family from Bed Bugs. We designed the site mobile-friendly first and then moved to desktop to create a flawless experience on both versions of the site.

Web Development

Bed Bug was also looking for a new eCommerce platform to increase performance and backend usability. We developed the new site on Magento Community and integrated their existing ERP into the backend of Magento, which allowed for real time inventory management, customer info, and shipping information.

Brand Recognition

By Magento allowing us the ability to integrate Amazon and Ebay sales seamlessly, Bed Bugs has gained a valuable boost in conversion and brand awareness.

What We Achieved

New, Fresh Design

Mobile and Tablet Responsive

Fully Integrated ERP system

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