ML Furs

ML Furs is a company located in Denver that sells a wide variety of fur vests, coats, scarves, and outerwear. Their online and offline sales are directly affected by seasonality. With the growing need to increase year-long sales revenue and search traffic, ML Furs brought in Act Bold.

Case Study

The successful implementation of our proposed strategies lead to a dramatic increase in click through rate, organic rankings, referral sales and referral traffic, all of which has an amazing impact on overall rankings.

ML Furs Goals

Increase Sales

Being that ML Furs is located in Denver and their merchandise only relevant in certain temperatures, ML Furs was laser focused on improving year-round sales.


With heavy competition and an exclusive high end demographic, we needed to place SEO as one of the major focal points of this project.

Brand Recognition

Being that ML Furs’ business was mainly done in the winter months, on a year-long scale their brand recognition was almost none existent 7 months out of the year.

Act Bold Goals


After our initial intake and discovery phase, we concluded that we needed to implement a solid technical and off-site SEO strategy. We optimized ML Furs microdata, such as availability, price, product attributes, and customer reviews to help drive traffic. This lead to a dramatic increase in click through rate and organic rankings.


We customized an outreach strategy to giveaway clothing samples to Fashion Bloggers. We targeted bloggers with high quality websites and high domain authority in mountainous regions who would be extremely interested in trying out fur coats and scarves. We used this tactic to receive a real and honest review about ML Furs and the products they sell.

Brand Recognition

The links we acquired from our SEO and PR efforts included branded and creative anchor text with a deeper link to a category page or product page back on the ML Furs website. The large increase in traffic has ML Furs turning into a household name amongst fur lovers.

What We Achieved


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Organic Revenue


Increase in Transactions

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