Performance Brokerage Services

Performance Brokerage Services is a company that offers auto dealership brokerage services. With their eye focused on one goal, get them back on the first page for “car dealership brokers”, the client turned to Act Bold.

Case Study

By decreasing the bounce rate and increasing site traffic we were able to bring Performance Brokerage Services to the first page of Google and secure the top two spots on search results of “Car Dealership Brokers”. Click the link to view the resources section:

PBS Goals


After extensive research, we figured out that the client had previously hired an SEO agency that engage in black hat link building techniques. We knew immediately by looking at the exact match keyword anchor text, geo-location of the links and the quality and relevancy of the links.

Link Detox

Our strategy aimed to run a link detox campaign, where all toxic links are “removed”, and add a resources section to curate fresh content.

Brand Recognition

They wanted to be ranked on the first page of Google for “Car Dealership Broker”.

Act Bold Goals


We had to reach out to each individual toxic link and request it to be taken down. During our PBS link detox campaign, we ran into a big problem. One individual owned a variety of domains and replicated a massive amount of links with spammy anchor text pointed back to Performance Brokerage Services. His proposal was to pay him upward of $10,000 dollars to take down all the links. We hired a lawyer. He took down the links. The rest is history.

Digital Marketing

Phase 2 was to build a resource section to complement our SEO efforts. In this section we constantly updated the site with fresh content about selling car dealerships online, buying car dealership and other auto news. We built local citations and business relevant blogs pointing at the resource section to create a tipping point and push our targeted keyword to the first page of Google.

Brand Recognition

The most recent Google Penguin refresh showed we achieved the number one and two spot on Google for “car dealership broker”.

What We Achieved


Increase in Organic Traffic


Decrease in Bounce Rate

Keyword Improvement: “Car Dealership Broker” went from “Not Ranking” to “number one” on Google

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