MGM Grand

MGM Grand is one of the largest hotel corporations in Las Vegas and is the third largest hotel in the world. With laser focus and one goal in mind, to increase conversions, they turned to Act Bold.

Case Study

A conversion optimization campaign provided amazing feedback on ways to increase conversions on both sites. The optimizations that Act Bold made helped lead to a successful campaign with a 25% increase in conversions.

MGM Goals

Increase Conversions

With MGM Grand being the popular hotel that it is, a unique approach and creativity was the key to a successful campaign.

Increase Time On Site was having some difficulties with users bouncing off the page when they first arrived. Act Bold's goal was to implement a series of user testing and heatmap campaigns to see which pieces content and areas of the website the user was paying attention to.

Site Interaction

MGM also wanted to see how users were interacting with site's features, why they enjoyed the site, the usability of the site, and what could be improved.

Act Bold Goals

Knowing The Market

We decided that the perfect way to see how customers were interacting with MGM Grand’s website were to conduct user testing, heatmaps, and AB Spit Testing campaigns.

User Testing

We implemented a user testing campaign to receive feedback on how users were interacting with their site. These tests provided amazing feedback on ways to increase conversions on both sites.


We analyzed clicks, mouse movement, scroll maps, and real-time analytics across and to acquire invaluable insight on the user’s on site behavior.

What We Achieved


Increased Conversion Rate


Increase in Clicks


Increase in Time on Site

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