Grab A Gun

Grab A Gun is an eCommerce company that sells firearms and tactical gear. Their main focus was to increase overall organic traffic, organic conversions, and increase rankings for high value keywords. With a growing need to improve their current organic traffic quickly, they enlisted Act Bold.

Case Study

Our customized outreach strategy targeted the firearm industry to increase the client’s brand awareness and social buzz. With two successfully run campaigns, our PR and SEO efforts ultimately helped the client achieve their organic search goals.

Grab A Gun Goals


The goal here was simple, improve all product descriptions and body copy for better keyword ranking.


Before Grab A Gun signed with our agency, their product descriptions were mostly written by the product’s manufacturers with no consideration for SEO or Keywords.

Brand Recognition

To put it lightly, consumers were unaware of the brand.

Act Bold Goals


We focused on creating unique and engaging product descriptions for all firearms and tactical gear, updating the site with fresh content. These descriptions were SEO-friendly and keyword centric, which lead to an increase in over 2,000 organic keywords.


Once our initial SEO efforts were completed, we launched a Digital PR campaign where we sponsored gun enthusiasts to sample Grab A Gun’s products at their local shooting range. Our team also reached out to gun bloggers, providing them with a Grab A Gun company background and allowing them to choose a couple samples to try out at their local gun range as well.

Brand Recognition

The feedback was phenomenal and helped drive traffic, increase brand exposure and organic revenue.

What We Achieved


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Organic Revenue


Increase in Transactions

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